Thursday, July 26, 2012

AAG Team Challenge

I am a member of Aspiring Artisan's Guild and we sometimes have challenges to see what type of cool ideas the members come up with.  Our recent challenge was a swap, where a member sends creative materials they use in their business to another member so that they can think up something new and different to do with them.  I thought it was a great concept, so I signed up.

I was super excited to get supplies from Laura at le animale - Thank you, Laura :)  They were these tiny little gem things, and when I say tiny, boy do I mean tiny!  Looking for an easy way out, I thought maybe I could attach them with thread, but there was not a needle hole to be found.  So with no way to sew them on, I realized that I would have to channel my inner kindergartner and glue them on some how. 

Since there weren't a whole bunch of the gems, I figured it would be best to make something small and use them as accents.  I imagined that a small 3D flower hoop art might be a great way to use the gems but still say Sewingseed, if you know what I mean.  I always like to use up materials I have on hand as much as I can, so I went on a treasure hunt and found a 3 inch hoop, a couple of pieces of felt, and some double sided green ribbon.  I always have cross stitch fabric around, so I picked a natural aida for the background, then wrapped the hoop with the solid green side of the ribbon.  I wasn't quite sure how to make fluffy fabric flowers, so  I found this great felt flower DIY tutorial at Infarrantly Creative.  I only had purple and green felt, so I decided to make a couple more flowers using the same technique with some scraps of aida.  I tacked the flowers into place on the background using a needle and thread.  Then I cut out a leaf shape and glued the tiny gems where the vein would be.  To finish it off, I made a little bow using the polka dotted side of the ribbon.

I have to admit, it was really fun trying to think of a way to incorporate the gems while using supplies I already had lying around!  I think it turned out pretty well!