Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Works in Progress

Howdy folks!  We have had a tropical storm over our area all Memorial Day weekend which means no barbeque-ing and swimming, so I thought I would be able to finish stitching my latest design.  Wrong!  Can you believe that out of the mountains and mountains of floss I have, I did not have even one extra skein of the color I needed to finish my design?  Plum craziness, right?  So since it was storming and there was no chance I was going to venture out into the mess, I started stitching my next design in waiting.  And since I haven't posted any works in progress pictures in a while, I figure I had better post something or people will think I'm not stitching and we just can't have that, so here they are in all of their incompleteness.  And please forgive my horrible pictures.  The storm has it like a cave in here.

This is the first one that I ran out floss with :(  It is a sampler type of design which I will be hanging up in my studio when I am done:

This is the second one, and you can see it is stitched with variegated floss, which I love, but I suppose you can stitch it up with whatever color and it will be fine.

Both of these designs are going to have text along with them, because if you didn't know, I love text!  Anyway, I really have been working, I promise - and I hope to have both of these finished soon.


  1. I love the flowers! Can't wait to see the finished projects :) Will the patterns be available in your shop?

  2. Thanks Becky! Yes, I plan on offering them in my shop if they turn out nicely after I'm finished.