Thursday, April 12, 2012

A pillow for Lisa

It has been SO long since I have done anything crafty besides working on my own shop, so I took a short break over the Easter weekend from cross stitching and finished up a little pillow kit .  Actually, it was a gift for my daughter from her gramma.  My daughter has determined that she would rather read than do anything with thread so that left the project up to me. 

The sweet little kit was inexpensive and it came from a local craft store.  I wish I could tell you the name or maker of the kit, but the packaging got thrown away before my daughter passed it on to me.  It is made from felt and the pieces were already precut and had holes to show you where to stitch.  I worked on it during the evening while we were watching TV and I finished it up the next day.  It was a pretty fast little project and was lots of fun!

It measures almost 10 inches and it is filled with fiberfill.  It turned out really cute, I think! 

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  1. Cute project. I found your shop on etsy when searching for gnomes. Love your work!