Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Featured Artist - Cornflower Blue Studio

I want to introduce you to Rachel Hunnicutt of Cornflower Blue Studio. She is a talented fiber artist on Etsy who not only cross stitches, like me, but also crochets gorgeous soft sculptures reminiscent of creatures from the sea. I have always been drawn to nature and sea life and these sculptures were no exception!

I was immediately blown away by the uniqueness of her creations when she began offering them in her shop and I wanted to find out more. She had this to share with me:

"I started making modern fiber art sculptures a few years ago when I wanted to enter a local art show - the theme was "Please Touch" and all the pieces had to be touchable! My background in Art History and ceramics had made me aware of the importance of the vessel shape throughout the history of art, so I started messing around with crocheting small "vessels" which eventually became the pod shape that I work with today. In nature there are so many shapes that resemble a pod or vessel - barnacles, types of sea coral, fungi, seeds. I like to look around for these shapes in nature and translate the colors and textures I find into the yarns I choose. It's really an addicting process because the shapes and inspiration are everywhere!"

Thank you, Rachel! I am so curious to see what you will create next! If you would like to see more of Rachel's talent, please visit her at cornflowerbluestudio.

If you would like to follow Rachel's blog, you can find it here: www.cornflowerbluestudio.blogspot.com

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  1. Rachel's fiber art is so amazing! I love the organic look they have--just brilliant!